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The Circle of Brotherhood is an organization of primarily Black men from all walks of life dedicated to community service, economic development, crime prevention, conflict resolution and mediation, educational services, and youth mentorship. Members of the Circle have dedicated their lives to collectively solving the social ills of our community.

 The mission of the Circle of Brotherhood (COB) is to involve Black Men in solving community problems and to help make our communities a decent place to live. We have primary focuses on youth development, crime prevention and economic sustainability. We believe that all men regardless of their past, current status, or station in life deserve an opportunity to contribute to the rebuilding of our communities and the edification of disenfranchised people. We strive to do this through a collective and collaborative manner. We are the foundation of our communities, the protectors and providers for our mothers, wives, children and family. When Black men take responsibility for filling the destructive void left by our absence in our blighted neighborhoods; we will see prosperous communities and healthy thriving citizens.


The Circle of Brotherhood (COB) is comprised of founding members, an executive team, governing officers, and a general membership body. The founding members formulated the organization in 2013 based upon a call to action for unity and collaboration, to address the manifold issues related to increased violence in Miami’s fifth district. Our service and influence now spans throughout South Florida. We are primarily Black men from all walks of life; community based, family oriented, professional and civic minded (from the streets to the suites). 

The executive membership serves as an inner circle of trained participants whose sole purpose is to properly represent our principles and to be the standard of integrity for new members. The governing officers; President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, volunteer as our legal arm for business and social affairs. 

Our general membership is recruited by COB members who meet men who are committed to playing an active role in solving our community problems. We live and work in the neighborhoods we serve. All members participate on standing committees based upon expertise and interest. Our committees are economics, youth development, community service, civic affairs, violence prevention, recreation/family affairs, and community health and wellness. We have a lead organizer that keeps us consistently engaged in the community. The key to our success as an organization stems from an expertise driven approach toward all of our projects and endeavors (He who knows best leads) and a “No big I’s and little you’s” underpinning.

Scope of Services: 

Workshops & Conferences, Retreats & Seminars, Training & Consultation, Career & Transitional Counseling, Student Services, Leadership Development & Life Skills Training, Juvenile Services, Community Based Programs, Employment Services, School Based Programs

One Brother One Hood

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished, That will be the beginning"  

Brother Lyle Muhammad - Executive Director
Our Mission

Help us Help our Community

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