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Who knows the streets better than the streets?

Peacemakers is a neighborhood patrol and community safety initiative modeled after the 2009 CRA funded Overtown Peacemakers Project that drastically reduced crime and increased residents use of available resources and services. The Peacemakers of MCI was also funded by the United States Attorney’s Office under the 2014 Denise Moon Grant. Peacemakers function as a non-armed community safety and response team and provide community peace keeping services while working with the local police department. They will serve as role models for youth, model good citizenship practices for the community, and assist the community residents with reporting crime, dissolve gang warfare, offer conflict resolution, participate in neighborhood sanitation and health related campaigns that exist or arise; conduct door to door canvassing and office data collection; and host educational and recreational activities for youth. Peace Service Workers hired from the neighborhood will serve as the initial point of community contact for residents, responsible for relaying information to the Peacemakers regarding community health and safety issues, and resident referrals for assistance for barrier removal and personal development.

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