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On Saturday March 9, 2019 at 10 am, The Circle of Brotherhood will announce the
commencement of an unprecedented anti gun violence campaign;OPERATION
HUNGER STRIKE. The press briefing and community announcement will take place at
The Dr. Dorothy Bendross Mindingall Social and Economic Institute

5120 NW 24th Avenue Miami FL 33142.

The Circle of Brotherhood is an organization of primarily Black men from all walks of life
dedicated to community service, economic development, crime prevention, conflict
resolution and mediation, educational services, and youth mentorship. On this day 9
members of the Circle of Brotherhood will embark upon the greatest challenge of their
personal lives; in an effort to collectively send a resounding message to stop the killing
in our communities now.

These nine men whose identities will be revealed at the press briefing, are prominent
members of the Miami Dade Community;husbands, fathers, business owners,
community activist,clergy and former perpertraters of community violence united in this
effort: No.1 to plea to those who are shooting and killing one another to put the guns
down, No.2 to reach the hearts and minds of our community with honest dialogue about
change, while bringing international attention to our state of emergency and the need
for adequate resources to combat urban gun violence.

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